Beginners Surfing 2016 - Equipment

When learning how to surf through a surf school they will often have the necessary equipment available to rent. The equipment available from a surf shop will be suited to a beginner and there will be experienced staff available to help you with any queries.


If you are choosing to rent a wetsuit, the most practical option will be to do so from a surf shop local to where you will be surfing. If you are looking to buy a wetsuit there is a huge market of well known brands now available to the public.

Some of these brands have been recognised for many years and are very reliable such as Billabong, Quiksilver and Rip Curl.


If you are a beginner surfer you should get advice from your teacher on surfboards if you are looking to purchase one. All surfers will have different opinions on the style of board that they use, it is important that the size and weight of the board matches your body type.
In the UK it is common for experienced surfers to purchase second hand boards via auction sites.

If you are looking to purchase a brand new surfboard there are limited stores although there are many websites available, a popular website in the UK is: Surfboards |

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